16 Days of Activism – Video Message from Dr. Elona Hoxha Gjebrea
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I am Dr. Elona Hoxha, Executive Director of the Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD), a non-governmental and non-profit organization, established as a voluntary organization. Our center works to improve the health and well-being of people, especially the marginalized and needy.

16 Days of Activism aims to end violence against women and girls worldwide through campaigns.

We are in a situation where more than 1 in 3 women experience gender-based violence in their lifetime; more than 5% of women and girls are killed every hour by a family member and less than 40% of women who experience violence report it.

During the 25th of November until now, the ACPD with its branches in Shkoder (Trokitja Center) and Vlore (Aulona Center) has developed and will develop a series of projects dedicated to this campaign and beyond this period, given that our work is ongoing in pursuit of elimination of all forms of violence, especially gender-based violence.

We at the ‘PO’ Youth Center offer legal and psychological services, in addition to free gynecological services for every young woman

I invite you to speak out against violence, report sexual harassment, and challenge norms on masculinity.

Let’s create a society where our young people want to live and build their future! We must do more to protect our women and girls. Hence, let’s all act together!

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