Journalists, Information and Collaboration on Sexual and Reproductive Health
8 November, 2022 Comments Off on Journalists, Information and Collaboration on Sexual and Reproductive Health Blog,IPPF,News,Publications Durim Tabaku

On November 7, 2022, a workshop was held with the attendance of 10 journalists at the COD hall of the Prime Minister’s Office, with the aim of presenting the findings of the study “Young People’s Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Information, Education and Care in the Western Balkans during Covid Time”, raising awareness in the audiovisual and written media about sexual and reproductive health issues and strengthening cooperation with them.

This activity was carried out by the Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD), in the framework of the “Youth Voices, Youth Choices” Project, supported by Merck for Mothers, with the coordination of the Regional Office of the International Family Planning Federation (IPPF) EN) and implementation in 5 Western Balkan countries (Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Kosovo).

In this workshop, the journalists were provided a comprehensive overview of the sexual and reproductive health issues, some of the concrete interventions that have been implemented and the issues that need to be followed up. The sensitivity and way of handling these topics was at the core of the discussions, while concrete recommendations were given including prioritization of these issues in the media, the importance of treating the cause of the problems rather than the numbers, treatment in a more friendly and positive aspect, etc.

Dr. Elona Gjebrea Hoxha, ACPD Executive Director, gave a brief interview with important information and key messages intended for the media that was not present at this workshop but also the public at large.

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