ACPD Boosting Relationship with YSAFE
10 November, 2022 Comments Off on ACPD Boosting Relationship with YSAFE 'Yes' Youth Center,Blog,IPPF,News Durim Tabaku

IPPF Member Association’s Visit to ACPD Office

Very constructive discussions today at the ACPD offices with the representative of YSAFE, Alice Brito, Member Association, Associação para o Planeamento Familiar (APF). Present in this meeting were Dr. Elona Gjebrea Hoxha, ACPD Executive Director, Ms. Guina Shkëmbi, Coordinator of the “Po” Center in Tirana, and ACPD program volunteers Greis Osmani, Danja Nako, and Endi Trico. Discussions included aspects of boosting ACPD relations with IPPF and YSAFE and plans for the future.

Thank you, Alice Brito, for the fruitful discussions and for the visit to our center in Tirana.

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