12 HR Ambassadors of European Countries Support Right to Abortion
29 September, 2022 Comments Off on 12 HR Ambassadors of European Countries Support Right to Abortion Blog,IPPF,News Durim Tabaku

It is indeed high time to fulfil the equal rights of women & girls everywhere and ensure access to safe and legal abortion care!

The Albanian Center for Population and Develoment welcomes the powerful statement by 12 European Human Rights and Gender Equality Ambassadors & Envoys on International #SafeAbortionDay calling for universal access to #SRHR and reaffirming the rights of women everywhere to make decisions about their health and lives.

The 12 Human Rights Ambassadors of European countries have published a statement supporting the right to abortion this morning! This statement follows the Joint Civil Society Statement on Abortion at the 51st Session of the Human Rights Council, stating among other that they

recognise International Safe Abortion Day, and celebrate civil society and feminist movements around the world for their courageous advocacy and activism that has resulted in the liberalisation of abortion laws in more than 58 countries since 1994.  We remind states that being forced to keep an unintended pregnancy amounts to torture and is in contravention to the letter and spirit of the Vienna Declaration.”

“We welcome the 2022 WHO Abortion Care Guideline that recommends the full decriminalisation of abortion, universal access to abortion and self-management options. Many states continue to undermine the fulfilment of human rights by denying bodily autonomy, criminalising abortion, lacking clear standards and guidelines on safe abortion, imposing third-party authorisation and denying lifesaving health services.

“The human rights framework can only remain relevant if the right to bodily autonomy is ensured for all. It is the only way forward to make the ideas of Vienna a reality today.”

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