Deliver and Enable Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) – Young People in Albania are empowered to realize their health, wellbeing, and dignity.
12 April, 2022 Comments Off on Deliver and Enable Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) – Young People in Albania are empowered to realize their health, wellbeing, and dignity. IPPF,News Durim Tabaku

Through this intervention, ACPD will contribute to enabling and providing inclusive sex education for a safe, productive, fulfilling life for young people in Tirana, Vlora and Shkodra

ACPD will provide access to Inclusive Sex Education (CEE) which provides young people with the basis to make well-informed decisions about their lives and bodies as well as to develop healthy relationships throughout the stages of the pandemic. To maximize effectiveness, out-of-school digital platforms and tools and other ESG resources will be used to promote sexual and reproductive health, including the provision of services. The intervention focuses on the need to take action regarding the protection of the rights of children / young people, the provision of information and knowledge to teachers, children / young students and the provision of inclusive sex education and healthy sexual development. The intervention will provide a evidence base on how inclusive sex education can serve as an entry point for reducing gender-based violence and contributing to the safety and healthy development of children and young people. The project interventions will be in line with UNFPA’s efforts to integrate a more comprehensive gender-based violence (GBV) program into the CSG curriculum.

Albania has made tremendous progress in the development and implementation of the ESGJ, mainly thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Agency for Quality Assurance of Pre-University Education, part of the Ministry, and the financial and technical support of the United Nations Fund. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Albania and the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF). ACPF and other NGOs played an important role in advocating for sex education. On June 8, 2012, the Ministry of Health adopted a sub-legal act entitled ‘Approval of the Positioning Document for Inclusive Sex Education for Youth in Albania’. The document sets out the principles of sex education: it is comprehensive and based on human rights. In 2015, the ESGJ program, developed in line with international standards, was officially introduced at the pre-university level and 3,000 teachers were trained by the Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education since then.

In 2018 the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has approved the 2018 Social Fund through which municipalities are supported to provide priority services through non-governmental organizations. Local Government Units are those who take responsibility for the procurement of social care services through an agreement signed with service providers that give priority to social enterprises. ACSP will start discussions with representatives from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection as well as the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth to find opportunities to provide ESGJ outside of school with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Sports and through funding from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

The objectives of the intervention are:

  • To enable children and young people in formal and informal settings to develop: accurate, age-appropriate knowledge, attitudes and skills; that contribute to secure, healthy, positive relationships through access to an essential and quality ESG package.
  • Create a supportive environment for 15-24 year olds with a focus outside the school environment and MSM, sex workers and the LGBT community towards ESGJ to strengthen sexual and reproductive health by strengthening the support of parents, communities and key actors.
  • Gathering facts about the effects of CSOs on young people’s ability to protect themselves from gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Inclusive curriculum-based sex education (ESG) based on curricula, protection systems and the social environment in Albania are enabling children and young people how to recognize and protect themselves from sexual violence and harassment.
  • Commitment of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MASR) to the provision of Inclusive Sex Education (CEE) for young people in informal settings

Expected results:

  • Adoption of the policy “Zero tolerance against violence and harassment including stigma and discrimination in sexual orientation and gender identity” in the school targeted by the intervention
  • Approval of the provision of training for teachers and students for ESGJ and DHSBJ through the online platform created by ACSF through an instruction from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection
  • Identify mechanisms for funding opportunities and address ESG needs for out-of-school youth.
  • Curriculum and CSO curriculum update.
  • Creating a digital platform based on the adopted curriculum
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