Increasing opportunities for labor market integration of youth and families at risk – YEEP VLORA
Komentet te Rritja e mundësive për integrim në tregun e punës të të rinjve dhe familjeve në vështirësi ekonomike Janë të Mbyllura SOS

Project: Increasing opportunities for labor market integration of youth and families at risk – YEEP VLORA


Duration of the project: 2020 – 2022


Goal: Increasing the capacities and empowering 60 young people from 16 to 29 years old coming from families with socio-economic difficulties, including unemployed young parents, young single parents, young people with no parental care and young people leaving care from institutions of alternative care.

Recent data of International Labor Organization (ILO) (2018) indicate that Albania is ranked first in Europe for youth unemployment. Statistics show that 23.5% of Vlora city population, mainly young people, are unemployed, and this trend is going up.

The situation is particularly more serious for young people at complicated socio-economic conditions.

This project aims to increase youth employment opportunities by increasing their performance skills. The following steps will support youth to improve their performing skills, social and interpersonal skills, in order to make them enable to effectively deal with challenges at work and daily life, and increasing their self-esteem.

The following initiatives will be taken to achieve the project goal:

  1. Individual needs and skills of each participant will be assessed, an individual implementation plan will be designed and psycho-social support will be provided;
  2. 12 training sessions will be held for 60 beneficiary young people, 40% of them females. The training sessions include 2 Modules:

- The first training module Life Skills includes: interpersonal skills, effective communication, factors affecting the success, gender equality, setting and achieving goals, conflict management and problem solving, financial knowledge.

- The second module of the training program includes Job Skills: job search techniques, display of personal strengths and job skills, good impression at work, efficient time management, forecasting challenges and finding solutions, ethics, rights and obligations at work

At least 5 agreements will be made with private recruiting entities and companies. Recruitment intermediation will be conducted to ensure the employment of youth that have already completed trainings, courses and internships supported by this project.

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