“Cherchez la femme” no mo’
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Arjon Taipi

19 years old, Tirana

Studying “Marketing”

ACPD’s volunteer


“Cherchez la femme” no mo’

This sexist expression finds usage in today’s conversations significantly. Well maybe not exactly the French one but different adaptions and translations still find place in slangs. In Albania for example, whoever was raised with movies like “Kapedani” still laugh and find this expression current.

If anyone, out of curiosity, decides to look up the date of origin of this expression, he or she would be shook. This dates back in 1864 when Dumas used it in his novel “The Mohicans of Paris”. It is weird to even think that such a sexist expression would be used 150 years later because one would think that society would evolve and prosper. To even think that it is funny for Albanian dads to hear the expression so many years after the movie came out is a bit uncomprehendable. Living in a society where people think they are smarter than other people, stronger than other people or better in general than other people just because of a “condition” they were given by God that could be race,color or gender is a mentality that needs to be changed. God, nature, universe or whichever higher force you belive in cannot curse or bless people on birth right? Isn’t that what people belive? Don’t you think it would be unfair if you were born powerless and unintelligent? Because at the end of the day that is what people are beliving. People belive women don’t have the strength and integrity to be “the man” of the house. People belive women aren’t intelligent enough to rule a country. Well obviously we have loud and clear examples how that is not true and you still don’t want to belive it. If you were living in Germany with a female leader like Angela Merkel would you really belive that your wife is incompetent because of her gender?

More than physically, it hurts mentally getting beaten up because you were born a woman. More than physically, it hurts mentally being told to shut up because you were born a woman. And if this does make sense to people and if people think this is common sense than they need act out as if they do.

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