“My Body is My Own” campaign comes to Albania
12 September, 2022 Comments Off on “My Body is My Own” campaign comes to Albania Blog,News,UNFPA Durim Tabaku

On World Sexual Health Day (#WorldSexualHealthDay), the Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD) joins UNFPA/Albania and UN Women in the “My Body Is My Own” campaign. This campaign, which has already arrived in our country, is a new art initiative, aiming to raise awareness on bodily autonomy, gender equality, gender-based violence and antidiscrimination.

ACPD believes that every person has the right to decide whether to have sex, when and with whom to have sex. This is a right that must be respected.

Join the UNFPA, the ACPP and many other people who say #mybodyismyown!


The ACPD has worked and will work with its partners such as UNFPA and other international and Albanian organizations to promote the rights of girls and women in Albania.

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