Project title: Police serving the community in preventing and handling cases of violence in the municipality of Lezha

Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD) is implementing the project titled “Police serving the community in preventing and handling cases of violence in the municipality of Lezha “ .

The project itself focuses on the necessity to improve the interaction between the State Police and local actors, where if necessary citizens can be addressed for referring cases of violence.
The goal is for Lezha Police to be capable and efficient in responding to gender based violence and coordinate with other actors in compliance with the operational standard procedures.

The project will be implemented in the Municipality of Lezha; part of the activities with youths will be realized in the premises of their schools, while meetings with the community will be held in the community centers of the administrative units in Lezha; meanwhile other meetings will be held in other environments.
Target group includes the members of the Police Directorate in Lezha Municipality, employees of the primary health care centers of the same area, teachers, school psychologists and municipal school directors in Lezha municipality, employees of the gender equality office in Lezha Municipality, other employees of the referral mechanism of violence cases, judges of the court of Lezha.

The project is expected to have an impact in strengthening the responsible structures and law enforcement officers to enhance effectiveness and respond in the right moment through trainings about the referral mechanism and recent changes of the law on domestic violence.
Encourage the interaction among actors through the coordination and monitoring processes through meetings and roundtables and increase the capacities of police structures, health and education structures with the purpose of performing their obligations like the communication with the victim of violence, the provision of first aid, completion of the documentation for issuing the order of defense. Raise the level of community awareness by informing local community members for their rights and referral mechanisms and women in the Lezha community are well aware of their rights and feel empowered to about prevent, refer or denounce the cases of violence.

Title: National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania

Financed by the European Union, Partners Albania for Change and Development, in partnership with the Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD) and the European Movement in Albania (EMA) organized on 5th of April the opening activity of the National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania.Title: National Resource Center for Civil Society in Albania     National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania will serve as a platform for the civil society at the local, national, regional level and beyond. It will contribute to the strengthening of civil society’s capacities to be more effective, transparent, accountable and independent actors and to the creation of an enabling environment for the civil society, participatory democracy and the integration process of Albania into the European Union.   The Centre main office is in Tirana and has two other regional offices in Shkodra and Vlora, to ensure wider territorial coverage of the country with its activities and services.   The Center has main functions such as the provision of information and services (help desk) for the sector and all stakeholders and interested partners for developments in the civil society sector, networking for CSOs at local, national, regional level and beyond, as well as strengthening of the capacities of civil society in Albania through training, assistance, exchange, etc. Center’s main function is to provide support for the improvement of governance of civil society organizations to be more effective, accountable and transparent, as well as for the improvement of the image, public and stakeholders’ trust on the sector. Improve the networking and advocacy skills and facilitate of advocacy and political dialogue processes, for a greater and more effective participation in policymaking, as well as in the policy implementation and monitoring at local and national level.

For more information about the Centre and its activities, follow us on the Website , and contact us at the National Resource Centre in Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora, at the following addresses:

National Resource Centre for Civil Society Elbasan Street, PARK GATE, 10th Floor, Ap. 73, Tirana (in the premises of “Partners Albania for Change and Development”) Tel / Fax: +355 4 2254881 E-mail:

Office in Shkodra The Congress of Përmet, Str. Oso Kuka, 2nd Floor, Entrance 1, Shkoder (In the premises of the “Women in Development” Association) E-mail:

Office in Vlora Neighborhood 29th November, Str. Dede Ahmet Amataj, Mother’s Day 15, 2nd Floor, Vlora (in the premises of “Aulona” Center) Tel: +355 3 3224531 E-mail: