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The Albanian Center for Population and Development is a non for profit association managed by volunteers who work for the improvement of the wellbeing and health of all the population in Albania, particularly for vulnerable and marginalized groups, through advocacy for the improvement of legislation and policies in the field of reproductive health and rights. ACPD is member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. It is also member of the Reproductive Health Coalition In Albania, the Coalition for the promotion of participation of women and girls in politics and decision – maiking. ACPD has created sustainable partnerships with organizations as:

  • Institute of Public Health
  • Municipalities in districts
  • IPPF
  • Olof Palme etj.

The Albanian Center for Population and Development has its branches in some districts as Tirana, Vlora, Shkodra.

One – two days training with young people of high school Sadri Nuri in Ndroq.
Main topics conducted during the training by the moderator Irida Sina using interactive methods such as presentations, working groups, role plays etc. were as: reproductive health, gender equality, interpersonal relationship, communication and decision making skills, body puberty, reproduction, contraceptives, pregnancy, STI,HIV/AIDS etc. 

Three Day Summer School In Vlore about Comprehensive Sexual Education

On the 30th, 31st and 1st of June it was organized in Vlora at the premises of Diamond Hill Hotel, the three day school: Comprehensive Sexuality Education for a promising life” with the participation of 20 young people from the key populations and from underserved youth.

The use of the interactive and participatory methods, enabled the young people to get informed/educated in order to avoid risky behaviours, to have access in CSE and youth friendly services for a better health and more quality in life.

One of the pillars of the schools was to build up planning life skills at the participants which was realized through combination of theory with practical approach, discussions in small groups, case studies and role plays. 20 young people are empowered to take the right decisions in their life such as: registration in schools, avoiding early marriages, ensuring proper support for education, protection from unintended pregnancies and STIs including HIV/AIDS, avoiding the use of drugs or alcohol etc.

Round table on behalf of
“European Week of Prevention of Cervical Cancer”
January 25

United Nations Population Fund in Albania (UNFPA Albania) and International Planned Parenthood Federation EN (IPPF EN) with leadership of Public Health Institute and Ministry of Health and Social Protection in collaboration with Tirana Regional Health Authority organised a round table in order to present The National Program for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Health for health care providers, health center’s Directors, health managers, Service Providers, partners and collaborators, etc.
This activity was coordinated by Albanian Centre for Population and Development.
The National Program for the prevention of Cervical Cancer is designed by Public Health Experts with Support of Ministry of Health and Social Protection.
After many years of efforts by all actors (capacity building of service providers, provision of prevention and treatment of cervical cancer, community awareness), finally, Albania will have an organized screening program for cervical cancer.
Cervical cancer is a disease that can be prevented, through testing and control in an appropriate time. This program, as the studies show, has a vital importance to the health and the future of women and society in Albania. Screening, at the right time,  can save women’s lives and it is cost-effective for society and the state.
For more information, see the article prepared by IN Tv:

Training with health care providers on Helping Mothers Survive: Bleeding after Birth.
With the aim to build the skills and knowledge of health care providers during the postnatal period and to avoid maternal death, ACPD with the support of UNFPA Albania conducted two training with gynecologists, nurses and midwives in Elbasan and Lezha districts on 28 September and 18 October. The training applied interactive methodologies allowing participants to give their inputs, and exchange experiences and knowledge among each other. All participants were enabled to provide care to mother after giving birth and how to manage a postpartum hemorrhage which is life-threating for her. Participants agreed that the government should ensure having better policies and implementation plans in place for saving the lives of mothers including protocols for bleeding after delivery. The evaluation process shows that this training delivery was effective: 1) service providers acquired competencies for saving the lives of mothers and manage the bleeding after birth; and 2) the knowledge and skills of participants improved from 60% to 85%. Participants started to implement the learnings by providing quality postnatal care for mothers.
“This was a great training for me and my colleagues. I believe it will serve at our professional skills and it helps not only us as healthcare providers but and new mothers too” said Dr Anisa, part of Maternity Hospital of Elbasan.
This training was accredited with 6 credits.
Training: “Helping babes Survive: Basic care for the babes.”
Elbasan and Lezha welcomed on 29 September and 19 October the training conducted by Albania Centre for Population and Development with support of UNFPA Albania. This training was focused on the survival of the newborns and the basic care for them. This training was based on guidelines approved by the American Association “LDS Charities”
Participants appreciated this training considering it as a very crucial for their professional development and growth and above all for enabling them to provide essential care for mothers and newborns. Adult learning techniques (combining the theory with practice, presentations, role plays, small working groups etc.) allowing all participants to be part of the training.
The evaluation process shows that this training delivery was effective: 1) service providers acquired competencies for providing essential care for newborns and how to create safe environments; and 2) the knowledge and skills of participants improved from 70% to 90%.
This training was accredited with 6 credits.

In the framework of “Speak it out load” on  4-5 October, 2018, Albanian Centre for Population and Development organized in Shkodra city, a two days training “ A practice approach to gender based violence”. 23 health center staff (doctors and nurses) was informed and raised their capacity to answer needs of women, girls, children and each individual who are victims of violence. This training aim was to firstly, sensitize health services staff to treat gender based violence as problem of public health and violation of human rights and secondly, to know and enforce the legislation.

On 22 September 2018, Albanian Center for Population and Development organzised the forum “HUMAN RIGHTS, GENDER TRANSFORMATIVE APPROACHES, CITIZENSHIP, EVOLVING CAPACITY AND SEX POSITIVITY”, part of  “Empower children and young people to a free physical-sexual and emotional life” project supported by IPPF EN, with participation of 23 youths aged 16-24 years old. 15 young people, part of this forum were further engaged in discussing the future of  CSE  in their area and inclusion of other young people.

Two day training (18-19 July) about Family Planning was organized in Fier city, with the participation of 26 health professionals (doctors and nurses). The result of this interactive training was health professionals who reported to have access around 200 individuals about family planning and contraceptive methods counseling.

In the framework of the project: “Enabling women workers in garment manufactures to exercise and advance their labour rights”, implemented by Aulona Center in Vlore, with the support of the Olof Palme International Center, with Swedish government funds, there are realized a total of 8 workshops with the participation of 198 women and girls workers in the shoes manufacturing enterprises of Vlora city.

The women and girls participants have heard for the first time what are their labour rights, how to address and monitor labour issues, where to go and how to report in case of disagreements with the employer. Following the workshops, 7 out of 198 of them have requested help at the Aulona Center, and have been assisted for addressing labour issues such as: unpaid health and social insurance, minimal wage, pre and post natal leave, sick leaves etc .

On 22 June, the Albanian Center for Population and Development organized a meeting that gathered a number of important actors to discuss the contraception situation in Albania. An important part of this meeting was

  • Marina Davidashvili, Representative of the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development,
  • Parliamentary Group on Population and Development in the Albanian Parliament led by the MP, Elona Gjebrea,
  • Representative from the United Nations Population Fund Office in Albania, UNFPA Albania,
  • representatives from the Institute of Health Public
  • Albania Center for Population and Development Staff.

The meeting opened with the greeting speech of the Deputy, Elona Gjebrea. She expressed the parliamentary engagement on issues related to access to modern contraceptive methods by becoming part of the policy agenda. Mrs. Marina Davidashvili presented the second edition of Atlas on the contraception situation in Europe. Mrs. Miranda Hajdini, Public Health Institute, spoke about the use of Contraceptives in Albania and Family Planning. Also, Mr. Rabiaj, as part of the Executive Board of the Albanian Center for Population and Development, spoke about the contribution of the ACPD to the issues of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Conference in the framework of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
Institute of Public Health, in collaboration with Ministry of Health and with UNFPA and ACPD support, in the framework of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week organized a conference with representatives of Health Care Centers of Tirana, Fieri and Dibra.
During the conference the latest developments of cervical cancer control in primary health care, gained experience and future plans were presented.
This conference was organized on January 26, 2018 at Hotel Tirana International.

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