Strengthening national preparedness and response mechanism in provision of sexual and reproductive health services in conditions of emergencies and humanitarian crises with focus on COVID-19”-MISP
Komentet te Forcimi i mekanizmave të përgatitjes dhe përgjigjes kombëtare në ofrimin e shërbimeve të Shëndetit Seksual dhe Riprodhues në kushtet e emergjencave dhe krizave humanitare me fokus Covid-19 Janë të Mbyllura WHAT’S NEW

Albanian Center for Population and Development (ACPD) with support of United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) and Ministry of Health and Social Protection and coordination with Operatory of Health Services has performed 20 training sessions with 350 healthcare providers on Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) in the light of COVID-19 outbreak. These training sessions aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of health care provider’s and the main recommendations were the need to have a standardized information in national level and expansion of the knowledge’s received other colleagues who were not part of the trainings.

ACPD and two public health experts in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, with the National Operatory of Health Care, and Institute of Public Health have drafted general guidelines for provision of Sexual Reproductive Health services in the time of Covid- 19 as part of Primary Health Care Package. ACPD and key stakeholders have advocated through consultations, meetings and awareness raising campaigns to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the institutionalization of these guidelines which in fact are endorsed on 28th October 2020, by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. One of the recommendations included in the document is introduction of digital health and telemedicine at primary health care. In line to these guidelines, 36 Clinical procedures; 412 posters and l5, 000 leaflets were produced as additional materials to support health care providers for provision of better and standardized case managements, which were than disseminated through dissemination meetings aiming to present and explain the use and importance of this IEC materials in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan and Fushe Kruje.

A closing meeting with key actors engaged in the whole project and with presence of health care professionals was carried out to address all the recommendations among which was the role of the media in raising awareness and reaching the population with the right messages.

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