Religious leaders of all denominations in Vlora, for the first time, gather in a round table to condemn and find solutions regarding gender based violence
Komentet te Krerë të komuniteteve fetare në Vlorë, për herë të parë, ulen se bashku për të gjetur zgjidhje kundër dhunës me bazë gjinore Janë të Mbyllura WHAT’S NEW

In the framework of the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence, Aulona Center, branch of ACPD in Vlora, organized a Round Table, on 25th of November, with support of the UNFPA Albania, in the framework of the Joint Program of the United Nations, "End violence against women and girls", financed by Swedish government and implemented by UNFPA, UNDP , UN Women in cooperation with Government of Albania.

This Round Table gathered together for the first time leaders from all religious communities of Vlora Municipality ( the head of the Muslims Mr. Armand Asllani, the head of the Catholics Mr. Giovanni Peraginne which is also head of the Apostolic Mission for South Albania, the head of the Orthodox Church Mr. Kostandin Prifti, the head of the Baptist Church Mr. Kirk King, the Bektashi World Leader Hajii Dede Edmond Brahimaj, the head of the Evangelical Church Mr. Juljan Muhameti and the head of the Vlora Church of Christ Mr. Eduart Hoxha) which overcoming the diversity of the religious doctrines, agreed in unison to condemn and joint their actions against GBV.

Listen, Believe, Support the survivors/victims of violence- was the theme of this year campaign. The participants are invited by the Aulona Center Manager (which was also the initiator of such event) to give their opinions and suggestions in order to prevent the violence against women and to better help the victims/survivors and to stop the silence pandemic regarding this phenomena. Even though the GBV is usually considered a family issue, it carries a heavy cost not only for the victim, the society but even for the state. Participants shared their experience and offered suggestions to increase their influence through working with target groups such as: women and girls, the young people, and especially with man and boys as part of the solution.

By the end of the discussions, the participants also gave messages to their respective communities and agreed to sign a Joint Declaration with three points as follow:

  • The violence agaisnt women and girls is a severe and penal sin, a violation of the human rights and far from the vision that God has for the family.
  • We are open to become part of the Referal Mechanisme of gender based violence at local level in order to better serve the victims/survivors of the domestic violence and gender based violence.
  • We are open to cooperate with state institutions and the sector of CSOs through the intercommunity initiatives or joint projects in order to train and educate our audiences/respective communities towards strengthening the family values, preventing gender based violence and improving our work and services offered to victims/survivors of domestic violence.

This event had an echo in the local and national TV which transmitted the awareness messages and the three point of agreements between all the religious leaders.

6+1 VloraTV-

One TV –

Report TV-

Fax News –


Two spot publicity are also produced with awareness messages from seven religious leaders in Vlora Municipality making an appeal to respect women, as created by God equally with men, condemning violence of any form as wrong, a factor which worsens relationships and never to be considered as a solution.

“The violence against women is a barbaric act”- said the head of Catholics Mr. Peragine. Hey man remember! If you hurt the women you love you are hurting also yourself!

The head of Muslims Mr. Asllani said: “Fear the Lord when you are treating two fragile creatures; women and orphans”

One of the Spots is used in the Billboard screen of advertisement in the Center of Vlore City for 15 days from 26th of November to 10th of December as in the following link:

The other Spot publicity with interviews and messages from the religious leaders is transmitted on all social Medias of Aulona Center and ACPD and had a total of 9000 views. The same spot is transmitted in the regional TV 6+1 VloraTv during the 16 days of campaign as in the link below:


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