Comprehensive Sexuality Education – A Must for Young People

M. L. is a 16 years old girl pregnant in her sixth month which she discovered when she was in the fourth month. For a few months she was in a relationship with a boy aged 24 and everything worked normally until she told her partner about the pregnancy. He not only didn’t accpted the fact that M.L. continues her pregnancy but also he dissapeared without leaving any contact.

Afraid of the situation, she was desperately searching online for various contacts where she could rely on her problem. After many researches M.L. called in the offices of the “House for the Protection of Children’s Rights” who after listening to the case referred her to center “PO” for more professional psycho-social counseling and to give the girl a solution. At the meeting with Center PO counseller, M. L. recounted her entire story as it had happened. I was in a relationship with a guy I thought he loved me the way I did. When I found out of the pregnancy I was about four months and some days. I had small signs like vomiting sensation and a bit of penchant, but the periods came regularly every month. One day I took a pregnancy test and when I tried it resulted positive. Një ditë bleva një test shtatzënie dhe pasi e provova rezultoi pozitiv. E gjithë bota mu shemb mbi kokë. I ran to meet up with my boyfriend and tell him everything but he not only refused my pregnancy but even disappeared without leaving any contact. Then I decided to tall to my mother as I consider her the only reliable friend. Vendosa ti thoja mamit pasi e mendoja si të vetmen shoqe timë të besueshme. After hearing me, she tearfully told me “I support you and I can not say anything about this situation but I cant do nothing … you kno your father, if he finds out, he kills us both …” I stoped going at school with the justification that I had a lot of workload and could not afford it because now my belly has grown and I did not want my friends to see me. In the counseling offered at the Center PO I received to much information that in all the years of my school I had never had the opportunity to hear about that. Since my case was sensitive because I had overpassed the months in which I can stop the pregancny, the counselor told me about the potential dangers if I decided to undergo to surgery for a premature birth, so I decided to keep my baby. But if my father will find out that I will have a baby and that the baby’s father is unknown he will definitely kill me. So I thought that after giving birth I will leave the baby in the orphanage “Baby House”and as soon as the situation calms down I will get back to pick up my baby.

Now I feel better that I had the good opportunity to consult with the professionals such as the staff of center PO who stayed very close to me, talking with me, providing me with information and education materials and introduced me with their profiles in social media which are very rich with informations that are missing in our school lessons and in those few cases our teachers overlook by calling it irrelevant to us. “If I had all this information earlier I would probably not be in this situation. But I’m sure  for one thing, that all this information I will share with my friends that they do not have my destiny … “